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Lavender Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks (Pearl) - 8mm

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Our beautiful high-quality pearlescent lavender glue gun sealing wax is a luxurious, high-quality sealing wax perfect for making wax seals for DIY wedding invitations and stationery. Mixed and made by hand made in small batches in the UK, it's made using traditional methods with a secret recipe that many have unsuccessfully tried to copy. This is an 8mm stick but most of our glue gun sealing wax is available in two stick widths, 8mm and 11mm. It can be used in a hot glue gun (a low-temperature one is best) or melted over a flame using a melting spoon. 'How many wax seals can you make from a sealing wax stick?' In answer, it will very much depend upon the size of the seal that you're making, but using a 25mm stamp, on average, an 8mm wide stick will make 4-5 wax seals, and an 11mm stick will create 8-9 wax seals. Please note that due to its handmade nature, there may be slight shade variations between batches.



Our glue gun wax sticks are approximately 10.5cm long and 8mm in diameter.

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