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How to Make a Lasercut Wallet Wedding Invitation

Our Milanese lasercut wallet wedding invitation is a style that is so easy to make. It’s a simple wedding invitation, but so beautiful and intricate no one else would ever know how easy it is.

In this tutorial, we share with you how to make this beautiful and unique wedding invitation.

Lasercut Wallet Wedding Invitation Printing

  • Use the wedding invitation template for this design on our website.
  • Adapt the text, for example, if you want to change the design to an evening wedding invitation.
  • Choose to print the panel on a precut card or print one or two on a sheet of A4 card and then cut out.
  • Double Check: Spelling, grammar, layout, times, wedding date and wedding venue or location (always ask someone else to proofread too)


The fonts we’ve used are:

  • Adorable (script)
  • Futura (capitalised)
  • Use the same fonts if you have these available to you or choose ones that suit your wedding theme, you may need to download a suitable font.
  • Choose a royalty-free floral image or keep the invite to just text.

Craft Supplies You Might Need

Here are some of the items we used to make this lasercut wallet wedding invitation. You can of course alter the colours and tweak the final design to suit your wedding theme.

Wording Template

Downloadable Template for the Lasercut Invite

Silk Ribbon

Silk Ribbon for Wedding Invitations.
Cost-effective use of stunning silk ribbon

Milanese Lasercut Pocketfold

Lasercut Wedding Invitation Pocket with Silk Ribbon.
An easy lasercut design for your wedding DIY


155mm Square Envelopes for Wedding Invitations.
Wedding Envelopes

A Wide range of A4 Boardstock

A4 Card and Paper
A4 Card and Paper

Gem-Tac and Gem Picker

Gem-Tac and Gem Picker
Gem-Tac is our favourite adhesive for glueing crystals

How to Make the Wedding Invitation

  1. If adding gems to your design, then remember to allow a little drying time. We prefer using Gem-Tac adhesive rather than Hot-fix rhinestones.

    When using this method place a dot of glue where you want the crystal to sit and place the gem on top, you can pick the gems up with tweezers, but it’s much quicker with a ‘gem picker’ tool. You might be adding them to the floral element or by the names of the couple to add a highlight.

  2. For this design, you only need a small piece of ribbon, so if you love silk ribbon, then this is a really economical way to use it. We’ve used only 18cm of silk ribbon, but you could use more if you prefer.
  3. Thread the ribbon in and out of the front section of the Milanese lasercut wallet and tie into a simple knot (or bow if preferred). The lasercut is already glued so there’s no need to assemble the pocket.
  4. Trim the ribbon if necessary.
  5. Tweak until all is just as you’d like it to be!
  6. Take your decorated Milanese Wallet and slot in your printed invitation panel.
  7. That’s it! A beautiful invitation ready for you to send out in the post.

Additional Extras

  • Choose an envelope or a presentation box (always check the postal rate).
  • Why not consider lining your envelopes for a luxury feel to your invites

Personalise this Design

  • Choose a different colour laser-cut pocket
  • Use a different ribbon colour or even another type such as satin, organza or grosgrain
  • Use the design for a wedding save the date, change the wording to suit
  • For a luxury wedding invite, format try adding an embellishment to the ribbon
  • For rustic wedding style use kraft card for the printed panel and hessian, twine or cord instead of silk ribbon
  • For vintage wedding invitations replace the silk ribbon with lace
  • Add in and RSVP card or details card if you need them

Tips and Tricks

It can be a cost-effective option to make your own wedding stationery so don’t be afraid, just make sure that you’ve researched and planned it all out beforehand to save costly errors.

If you’re looking for an elegant wedding invitation or an easy laser cut wedding invitation idea, then this wedding invitation design is an excellent place to start. For more DIY wedding ideas and a range of DIY wedding invitation designs then follow our YouTube channel and social media for all the advice you need.

You’ll find a range of wedding invitation designs to choose from that are perfect for DIY wedding stationery and lots of wedding decorations to choose for your big day.