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Rustic Wedding Invitation Ideas

Rustic wedding invitations are the perfect choice for couples who want a look that is down-to-earth, romantic, and timeless. Rustic wedding invitations convey a sense of warmth and comfort, making them suitable for all types of weddings, from beachside ceremonies to rustic barn weddings.

We have lots of inspiration for you.

Venues for a Rustic Wedding?

Rustic weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to their charm and warmth. Couples looking for a rustic wedding venue have many options, depending on their style and budget. Popular venues for rustic weddings include barns, farms, orchards, woodlands, beaches, mountainside lodges, and country parks.

A tipi is an excellent choice for a rustic wedding. Whether it’s situated in an open field, alongside a tranquil lake or nestled within a wooded area, the canvas structure provides the perfect backdrop for a rustic and romantic ceremony. When decorating your tipi wedding, you can draw inspiration from nature and use rustic elements such as hay bales, wildflowers, and twinkling fairy lights for a stunning effect.

Rustic style save the date
Rustic style save the date card

Rustic Wedding Invitation Ideas

The rustic theme can be carried over to your wedding invitations and wedding stationery. A simple, uncluttered design with natural touches is a lovely way to set the tone for a rustic wedding. Consider using woodgrain textures, lace or burlap and hessian ribbon, natural materials like string, twine and cotton papers or brown kraft card.


Often the style of invitations features natural elements such as wood, floral designs, and earthy colours. Incorporating a hand-drawn sketch or watercolour painting of the venue can be a great way to personalise your wedding stationery. You can also include your favourite flowers, wildflowers and even feathers.

Designing Rustic Wedding Invitations

When designing your rustic wedding invitations, the possibilities are endless! Couples will want to consider their wedding venue when selecting a design. Whether you’re getting married in a rustic barn, tipi or having a beachside ceremony, draw inspiration from your surroundings and choose stationery that reflects the natural beauty of the setting. Farm wedding invitations featuring tractors and hay bales are perfect for country weddings, while beach wedding invites featuring a seascape or starfish will be ideal for couples tying the knot near the ocean. Barn wedding invitations can feature rustic elements such as trees, twinkling lights and florals; there really is so much choice.

When creating a wedding invitation suite, consider adding touches of texture and colour to your designs. You can choose from different types of paper, such as uncoated cardstock or handmade papers with natural fibres, as well as recycled paper, such as kraft card. Incorporating rustic elements like twine, burlap and hessian ribbon can add a charming touch to your stationery suite.

Couples should always think about their own personal style when designing their wedding invitations. Whether you opt for wedding invitations with a rustic theme or elegant, vintage-inspired design or something with a more modern edge, make sure to keep it consistent throughout. And remember to keep your colour palette limited, so it works cohesively across your suite.

An online search for wedding invites rustic UK, Pinterest and our online store will provide lots of inspiration for you

Rustic wedding invitation, pocketfold style
Hold your invitation and RSVP card together with a belly band

Wording for Rustic Wedding Invitations

Wording for rustic wedding invitations should be in keeping with the natural, romantic atmosphere of a rustic wedding. It can be helpful to include an image of the venue, such as a wooded area or barn, on the invitation, as this will give guests an idea of what to expect when they arrive. The wording should also reflect your personality and be personalised to the day. Wording can be traditional or creative, depending on your preference, usually rustic wedding invitations can adopt a more informal wording.

By using rustic wedding invitations, couples can create a timeless and romantic atmosphere for their wedding day. With a little creativity and careful planning, rustic wedding stationery is the perfect way to set the tone for an unforgettable celebration.

Rustic Wedding Invitation and RSVP
Using informal wording and minimal decoration is ideal for a rustic wedding invitation suite

Handmade Rustic Wedding Invitations

Even with very little crafting experience, you can make DIY rustic wedding invitations yourself. If you want to make something special, handmade rustic wedding invitations are a great way to get creative with your stationery. Making your own wedding invitations can be an enjoyable and cost-effective way to add a personal touch to the big day.

DIY Rustic Wedding Invitation Supplies

To create DIY rustic wedding invitations, you only need a few crafting supplies, such as suitable cardstock which is easily combined with natural string, hessian or twine. With these simple materials, you can make beautiful rustic wedding invitations to share with family and friends.

Rustic save the date card
Using coloured twine ties in with a rustic wedding theme

Rustic Wedding Invitations Templates

Using our wedding invitation templates and layouts can be an easy way to create your own beautiful and unique stationery. You can quickly and easily design rustic wedding invitations in no time.

Select your favourite text, complete the template and in just a few moments, you’ll have invitations ready to print!

Rustic wedding invitations are a lovely way to glimpse the tone of an outdoor or barn wedding. Incorporating rustic elements into your design can create a timeless and romantic atmosphere that will make your special day unforgettable. With the right materials, supplies and templates, DIY rustic wedding invitations can be beautiful

Rustic placecard
Simply printed placecards for a rustic wedding tablescape

Finally rustic wedding invitations are charming and timeless and can be tailored to reflect any couple’s unique style. With these ideas in mind, you’ll have everything you need to create the perfect rustic wedding invitations for your special day that your guests will love.

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