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Be Happy be Bright be You Ceramic Candle

In stock
This stunning gift is a combination of a beautiful fine bone china trinket dish and a top quality scented candle. The candle has a sparkling mirrored glass topping, much admired Classic Cotton fragrance and excellent fragrance throw into a room. Classic Cotton is a top seller (bergamot, lemon, cyclamen and sandalwood.) The wax is top quality and burns right down with no wastage (follow the safety burning guidelines). The trinket dish is decorated with an eye-catching tag and swirling confetti in pale pink, coral and real rose gold. With the heartwarming phrase Be Happy be Bright be You and its irresistible sparkle this is a beautiful Staffordshire bone china gift, proudly designed, manufactured and filled in the UK.


The Be Happy be Bright be You candle measures 8.3cm in diameter and is 5.8cm tall. Weight is approx 330g.

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