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Best Mum Tin Candle

In stock
We don't think there are any Mums out there that don't appreciate a bit of sparkle in their lives! Our gorgeous 'Best Mum' candle tin has a gorgeously sparkly layer of mirrored glass chips and the sophisticated and enchanting 'Classic Cotton' fragrance. The candle tin even has confetti themed pearlescent labels that are lovingly hand-glittered! ‘Classic Cotton’ is a luxurious blend of bergamot, lemon, cyclamen, and sandalwood; the wax is top quality, burning right down with no wastage (always follow the safety burning guidelines) and the candle has excellent fragrance ‘throw’ into a room. A fabulous, high-quality candle with an incredible scent especially for all the Mums out there! Designed, decorated and filled in the UK.


The tin candle is 8cm in diameter approx and 7cm high. The gift candles have a 35 hour burn.

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