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Wedding Favours for the Bride, Groom & Guests

Wedding favours are a great way to show your appreciation for your guests. They’re also a fun way to personalise your wedding. Here are some ideas on how to create your own wedding favours.

Guests will love homemade DIY wedding favours from the bride and groom on the wedding day. What’s more, as they can be made in advance you can enlist friends and family to help!

Here are some unique wedding favour ideas we’ve created for you to make all your own:

What are Wedding Favours?

The tradition of giving wedding favours to your guests goes back centuries. Traditionally bonbonnieres were given to guests in Italy and France; it began with expensive cubes of sugar which were a sign of wealth. Over time it turned into tiny bags of sugared almonds (or confetti), bitter and sweet to represent the ups and downs of married life.

While sugared almonds are not so popular today, the tradition of giving a wedding favour is a tradition that lives on.

There are many styles of wedding favours, and the one that suits you best will be the one that fits your wedding theme best and sits within your wedding budget.

Decide on the Style of Favours For Your Day

You can choose between two main styles of wedding favours: traditional and modern. Traditional favours are usually made up of small items such as sweets, chocolates, flowers, and other sweets. Modern favours tend to be more creative and often involve something with a special meaning to the bride and groom.

Wedding Favour Boxes

One of the most popular styles are these cute little boxes, often made to match the wedding invitations. These little boxes can be filled with a variety of treats or gifts from chocolates and sweets to little cakes.

The boxes themselves can be decorated in a variety of ways form using silk or satin ribbon labelled with cute gift tags (we used vellum for ours) and even double up as a place setting on the big day.

Remember that with a chocolate wedding favour individually wrapped chocolates are probably best and that with any chocolate there’s the risk of melting on a hot day, or worse still sticky, chocolatey fingers of little ones!

Wedding Favour Box with Ribbon
Favour boxes are available in many different sizes and are hugely popular as they can be filled will all manner of little gifts

Rectangle Tag Template

Favour Tags Template Rectangle
Use our favour tag template to make paper tags for your wedding favours

Pointed Tag Template

Wedding Favour Tags Pointed
Use our template and cut around the lines to make your tags

Organza and Hessian Bags

Organza bags are a cost-effective option and again can be filled with so many pretty little gifts. For the ladies place a diamante brooch in the bag that will sparkle in the light. For the men, a simple pocket bottle opener is perfect.

Glassine Bags

A really modern alternative to a wedding favour box is cute glassine bags and we have these in several sizes such as mini glassine bags  and also C7+ just select the size that suits your gift best. Decorated to match your wedding theme they’re contemporary, cute and these too can double as a place setting on your special day and double up as a place card.

Good Luck Lottery Ticket Favours

An on-trend favour that can be used to create a buzz on the wedding day. With scratch card wedding favours at the ready one of the bridal party holds a ‘scratch off’ to everyone’s amusement.

Equally, weddings held on lottery days can listen to the results together. They make great wedding favours for men as well as ladies. Just bear in mind how you’re going to react to winners. The odd free lucky dip and £25 wins are great for adding excitement to the day, but if someone has a big win on the day, then this might overshadow your day. If you’d like to make these wedding favours then use our mini wallets which are easy to glue together.

Lottery ticket favours
Lottery tickets and scratchcards make ideal wedding favours
Glassine Wedding Favour Bags
Sweets or homemade biscuits in glassine bags are a budget friendly wedding favour

Kraft Paper

Kraft Card and Paper
Matching Kraft Paper to make wedding favour tags

Kraft Mini Wallets

KR-E-53 - Enfolio Wallet Mini - Kraft-002
Our kraft mini wallets are perfect for Good Luck Lottery Favours

Scratch Card Wallets

Scratch card Wallet- infographic
Our scratch card wallets are also perfect for Good Luck Lottery Favours

Children's Wedding Favours

Don’t forget the little ones! One thing sure to keep children occupied on the day are activity packs, these can range from colouring books, crayons and pencils to quizzes and I spy games depending upon the age of the children. It goes without saying that sweets are the most popular gift in kids wedding favours!

Depending upon the ages of the children your flower girl and page boy can be given a ‘star; role on the day such as making sure pencils are sharpened, the spare paper is on hand etc. It’s another little trick to keep the children happy!

Wedding Favour Jars

Little bottles and jars labelled with a cork stopper, name tag and sticker are one of the cutest wedding trends. These can be filled with your favourite tipple; they’re also really popular for the chaps!

Wedding Favour Jar
Little jars make ideal wedding favours and if filled with homemade chutneys, jams or flavour your own 'wedding gin' can be very cost-effective!

DIY Wedding Favours

As they can be prepared well in advance, these little gifts are ideal for making yourself. There’s a host of DIY wedding favour ideas available online and it’s perfect if you’re looking for an unusual or to make homemade wedding favours.

You can fill jars with homemade jam or flavoured drinks. Make your own wedding favour biscuits and wrap in cute little paper bags. Choose your favourite wedding, favour sweets and fill cute sweet jars.

The possibilities are endless, and it gives you the opportunity to choose a gift that is uniquely personal to you and your friends and family.

Types of Gifts

The types of gifts that are ideal are ideal for those on a budget are those that you might find in Christmas crackers. Little notebooks, keyrings, bottle stoppers and napkin rings.

Whatever favour you decide to upon these little favours are something the guests will love and are a little keepsake from the bride and groom on the wedding day.