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Wicker-Style Storage Case

In stock

We’ve described this storage box as a ‘case’ as it has the most beautiful antique gold quilted inner with two pockets in the hinged lid (like a luxury suitcase) but it is a ‘box’ as it does not have a carry handle, instead a quaint wooden ‘toggle’.

It’s perfect for storing precious items like a veil, a dress, beautiful lingerie, shoes or your special wedding mementoes.

At your reception use it as a collection box for goodwill messages, cards, small gifts etc or as a DIY table plan (in the ‘suitcase’ table plan style with vintage goodies and table guest lists in little ornate photo frames).

The styling is exquisite and the ‘finishing’ excellent, a special gift that’s so different from many storage solutions, it’s as beautiful outside as it is inside.



The wicker style storage case measures approximately 42cm x 30cm x 15cm. Sold individually.

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