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MR & MRS Framed Prints (Set)

In stock

Display these lovely 'Mr & Mrs' Framed Prints (set of three) at your wedding or give as a gift to the ‘happy couple’.

Rather than an ‘&’ there’s a big framed red heart to sit between the framed ‘Mr’ and the framed ‘Mrs’. Position the frames behind the ‘top table’ or hang up using the fixed hanging hooks (two per frame). You could thread lengths of wide satin red ribbon as an elongated loop to hang each frame for extra colour. The text is a dark grey and the frames are white with distressed edges. They are nicely made and feel strong. Great fun and excellent value for three frames.



Each frame measures approximately 33cm x 24cm x 1.5cm.

Sold as a set of three frames.

Special Price £12.99 Regular Price £22.20
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