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Wrought Iron Effect Metal Key with Hooks

In stock

This oversized wrought iron effect metal key with six movable strong hooks would look fabulous in anyone’s hall or cloakroom, especially if the house has a lot of rustic charm or vintage styling.

A great gift for the happy couple if they are setting up a new home for, keys small bags, dog leads etc. or, in the kitchen, for cooking utensils, spoons, small pans etc.

We always look for clever ‘other uses’ for products and, with keys and the phrase ‘key to my heart’ popular at weddings this is an excellent product for wedding styling and would make a great DIY table plan ! Tie bright strips of ribbon to each hook with nice long strips hanging down. Peg on your table lists randomly down each ribbon (a bit like you might display Christmas cards on ribbon) and attach to the wall or tie on a hanging loop to hang up your table plan. Easy peasy !



The key measures just under 30cm long and stands proud of the wall allowing the 6 hooks to slip over. Two metal loops allow you to affix to wall.

Sold individually with 6 hooks included.

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