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  1. How to Use Vellum Papers for Wedding Invitations

    How to Use Vellum Papers for Wedding Invitations

    Say hello to our new coloured vellum papers which perfectly complement our A3 and A4 vellum papers. With a wealth of experience as wedding stationers ourselves, we’ve used this beautiful paper for many years and understand how it can be used and add a sense of luxury to your wedding invitations. So we’ve included lots […]

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  2. Craft Glue Which One to Use?

    Craft Glue Which One to Use?

    The best craft glue is so critical to papercraft. When making handmade cards or DIY wedding invitations, you need to choose the right craft supplies and glues for the job to avoid your precious creations falling apart. Craft Glue for Wedding Invitations The right craft glue when making wedding invites is crucial to ensure they […]
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  3. Eight Card Making Tips For DIY Invites

    Eight Card Making Tips For DIY Invites

    If you're looking for paper crafting tips and tricks or just want to make your cards, we have some great card making hacks for you. There are so many little tips and tricks that not only help you make your DIY wedding invitations quicker, but they'll also help the finished results look professional too! Card […]
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  4. How to Tie A Ribbon Bow

    How to Tie A Ribbon Bow

    Make Your Own Ribbon Bows Learn how to tie a ribbon bow for your card-making and crafts. Whether they're Christmas tree bows, floral bows, hair bows, bows for gift-wrapping or wedding invitation bows, they can be fun to make. There are several ways to make ribbon bows, and the finished effect will depend on the […]
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  5. Craft Glue Hacks

    Craft Glue Hacks

    Comparing Glue Guns and Gem-Tac Deciding which craft glue to use is essential when making your DIY wedding invitations. Which is the best adhesive or glue for attaching embellishments to your wedding stationery? The two most popular for this task are hot melt glue guns and Gem-Tac. Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of […]
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  6. Double-Sided Tape and ATG Glue Guns

    Double-Sided Tape and ATG Glue Guns

    Adhesives For Speedy Card Making Double-sided tape is a card making essential, but it can be fiddly with cutting, sticking and peeling of the backing tape. Double-sided finger lift tapes are more efficient and quicker to use (these are tapes where the removable backing is wider than the tape itself, so it's easier to peel […]
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