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Complementary colours to 'Living Coral'

‘Living Coral’ will be very popular wedding colour theme for 2019 but to really see ‘Living Coral’ at its best accent it with its complementary colours.

Learning about complementary colours will help you style your wedding

These accent colours bring out the best in each other but can be subtle as well as more vibrant.

Colours complementary to coral, range from the softest peppermint and aqua through to cool blues and greys depending on the shade of coral you have chosen

‘Living Coral’ looks stunning paired with teal, the deeper the coral colour the paler the coordinating colour can be.

If your chosen coral has more orange tones then the complementary colours edge towards blues and greys. If your coral is more pink then cool greens and peppermint will look stunning.

Hopefully the diagram below will help guide you to the best accent colours for a coral wedding colour theme.

A visual guide to help you choose a beautiful, complementary colour if coral is your chosen wedding colour theme

You can purchase lots of gorgeous, aqua, turquoise and peppermint coloured products on our website

Enjoy the complementary colours we suggest for a coral themed wedding

Spearmint Pebble Paper P287 add gorgeous colour and texture

Stunning texture for wedding invitations

Shindo Peppermint Dream Col. 113 stunning satin ribbon in 6 widths

Irresistible and luxurious satin ribbon in the softest peppermint

Vintage Cameo (Cordelia) DECam-41 vintage-style embellishment

This beautiful cameo will be a fabulous finishing touch to your stationery

The 'Gatsby' DE-205 with coral, aqua and turquoise reflections

AB (Aurora Borealis) gems are the perfect choice to complement a coral themed wedding

4mm Gem Self Adhesive Strips - Pearl Blue to compliment coral

Self adhesive strips of soft blue sparkling gems, so easy for the DIY bride

The Duvessa Turquoise is stunning with paler coral tones

A rich, deep turquoise to complement a pale coral ribbon or cardstock

Sea Blue non shed Pearlised Lustre Sparkle A4 Card P374 - fabulous!

Deeply embedded sparkle and gorgeous aqua coloured sparklecard - stunning

Club Green 'Aqua' satin ribbon, available in 6 widths

Beautiful ribbon from Club Green to complement coral wedding colour themes

Hortensia (China Blue) Decorative Paper available in A4 and A3

Decorative floral pearlised paper for stunning wedding stationery.

Beautiful Raw Silk Ribbon in stunning teal, perfect with coral

The softest most beautiful ribbon for your luxury wedding stationery

Luxurious Stardream Aquamarine card P204 delicate, fresh colour

Double-sided 285gsm luxury Aquamarine Stardream Card for a complementary coral themed wedding stationery

7mm Mint Ribbon Bows, lovely with pink coral tones

7mm satin pre-tied bows are a brilliant way to add decoration with the minimum of fuss

Add complementary pops of colour to your wedding stationery design or venue plan and see how everything links together beautifully.

For a coral themed wedding, the soft grey greens, blue greens and delicate pale greens will be a florists dream so go large on the foliage, broad leaves and feathery accents. stunning!

Looking for advice on colour? Email or phone us and we will always do our very best to help

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