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Don’t come unstuck…..find the right glue for making your wedding stationery!

When you come to assemble your beautiful work the last thing you want to do is spoil the effect by choosing the wrong glue or give yourself hours of work.

We hope this blog helps you find the right glue for your DIY wedding stationery.

With wedding stationery in mind here are some scenarios where you need glue but need the right glue to get the best and most secure results! With a bit of advice you can really save time, and  money!

Layering and sticking card and paper

When making decorative flatboard invitations, mounting printed card onto pocketfolds (inside and out) and lining envelopes the right glue is essential.

For smooth, matt or pearlescent card, double sided tape is brilliant and cost effective. Easy to cut or tear and with differing strengths of adhesive you might look no further. However, if time is pressing or you have a lot of invitations to make, seriously consider investing in an ATG gun. Once purchased you will only have to buy refills and it works like a dream, time after time at the press of a button, no cutting, peeling or mess.

Always test your tapes first, especially if you are attaching card or paper to textured boardstock or envelopes, and time yourself making some samples then decide if you need to upgrade to an ATG gun for this and any future jobs.

When it comes to attaching card to glitter card, after exhaustive tests we found Zip Dry to be the outright winner of our trials*

Double sided tape for short runs or when time is on your side

Brilliant for layering matt or pearlised card and paper

Time poor? Volume work? ATG will be your best friend

Double sided tape is easily dispensed with the ATG gun.

'Zip Dry' Our trial winner* for sticking card onto glitter.

A multi-purpose glue that takes glitter in its stride!

Assembling pocketfolds, pocket cards and wallets

For this job you need to feel confident you are using the right glue. ATG tape and Fantastak SuperRoller permanent transfer tape is great for matt and pearlescent cardstock but we would still recommend stacking the unembellished, freshly assembled pocketfolds, wallets etc. and placing a weight (e.g. a couple of chunky books) on top for an hour or so or overnight as freshly creased card will, initially, try to unfold itself.

When it comes to glitter card pocketfolds, pocket cards and wallets it’s Zip Dry every time. It requires drying time but the bond will not fail.

Fantastak SuperRoller - a speedy gluing solution

Use Permanent Transfer tape GL49-1 to assemble your wallets and pocketfolds

'Super Sticky' tape is known for it's strong bond

Super sticky tape has a distinctive red backing and strong bond

Glitter pocketcards require a specialist glue. Ours is 'Zip Dry'

Bond card to glitter card with Zip Dry Paper Glue

Creating ‘belly bands’, vellum wraps, assembling hand-made envelopes or sealing ungummed envelopes

ATG tape or double-sided tape is ideal, unlike many ‘wet’ or ‘stick’ glues the moisture in them can cause the delicate paper to crinkle which cannot be reversed.

Micro glue dots or some of the more lightweight roller adhesives should work, whatever you try make some tests and leave overnight to make sure papers dont ‘ping’ apart.

Almost invisible to the eye Micro Dots are a delicate glue solution

Row upon row of tiny micro glue dots

One of several glue rollers we sell on wowvow

Roller glue in a convenient, hand-held applicator, ideal for paper and most card.

Some roller glue dispensers can be reused with handy refills

Dispenses a continuous glue strip

Attaching embellishments from delicate ribbon bows to heavier diamante and pearl embellishments

A hot glue gun is a wise investment as you can find yourself faced with springy organza bows or slightly domed, heavier embellishments which, with patience, can be attached successfully with Gem-tac but for speed and reassurance a hot glue gun is brilliant. Gem-tac is our ‘go-to’ glue for most flat-backed embellishments, satin bows and gems.

Always do a test, if using different types of glue than those we recommend, as some adhesives can cause an opaque, white 'bloom' on metal based embellishments which cannot be removed.

A brilliant tool for tricky gluing jobs

A fantastic craft tool that can be used with sealing wax sticks for creating wax seals too!

A favourite of ours - Gem Tac, a multi-purpose glue

Gem-Tac from Beacon Adhesives
We love this product it's so versatile. Dries clear

Securing ribbon or lace between layers of card or creating a loop of ribbon around the whole invitation

When running a strip of ribbon or lace across an invitation then trapping the ends between two layers of card ATG tape is great but apply it to the card, not the ribbon.

If the ribbon or lace is quite thick or textured you may need to add a small dab or two of Fabri-Tac to where the ribbon or lace disappears between the card to stop it pulling away from the card.

When you want a complete loop around an invitation there are several options. For ribbons we found ATG or strong double-sided tape is best. If you carefully measure the ribbon you can heat-seal one end with a flame or use ‘Fray Check’ then secure the other end on the card and wrap round the ribbon so the sealed edge is taped in place at the extreme edge of the invitation.

We have also found Fabri-Tac works very well with most ribbons and lace and, unlike tape you can add spots of glue where appropriate so no adhesive is seen between the gaps of the lace. A ‘stick’ glue also works well with lace for the same reason.

Fabri-Tac - a quick drying solution when using ribbon

A fantastic, multi-purpose glue that's ideal for using with ribbon projects.

To keep cut ribbon looking pristine on your stationery

A fantastic product to prevent ribbon ends from fraying

Stick glues are so versatile and very cost effective

Tried and trusted, an essential for your stationery 'tool kit'

Attaching tiny flat-backed gems or pearls

Gem-Tac, (definitely the right glue) and a Gem-Picker are all you need! With the nozzle on the bottle you can place tiny dots of glue where you want the gems then simply pick them up and place them with the Gem-picker easy-peasy!

Watch and be amazed! Gem Picker Magic!

Creating closures for pocketfolds and Enfolios®

For reliable, repeated use, Velcro discs are an excellent choice; discreet and invisible DuoDiscs are brilliant but will get slightly less effective over repeated use, removable glue dots  are bulkier and, again, will get slightly less effective over repeated use. If the thickness of the invitation (i.e letter/large letter) is an issue the duo-dots are the better solution.

A strong pocketfold closure that works time after time!

Perfect for sealing invitation pocketfolds!

A super thin and resealable closure option for pocketfolds

Quick, discreet and so effective for pocketfolds

A quick and easy way to hold a pocketfold closed

Removable glue dots.ideal for the temporary fix of a pocketfold enclosure

Glue for you

You can purchase many different makes of glue and tape on our website. We have discussed just a few in our blog but on wowvow we have carefully described the best use for each and every type of adhesive

When it comes to glue we all have our 'old favourites' for different jobs so, before buying a new glue, just make sure you test any existing glues you have as many are multi-purpose and it's interesting to try them under different circumstances!