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Wax seals and decorative stamps

A handmade seal is as unique as the person who makes it, and they are easy and great fun to make! Each seal you make from wax is a special gift, just for the recipient of the invitation or gift it decorates.

If you have never had a go at making a personalised wax seal stamp you must! You will find making these fabulous embellishments a calming, fascinating and addictive process. You don't have to worry about all your invitations looking exactly the same, (it's not possible!) and there's little need for any additional embellishment.

Rose gold, champagne and ivory pearl waxes, stunning colours for weddings and wedding stationery wax seals

Learn the traditional way to make a unique wax seal

You can buy a wax seal stamp kit that will contain all you need, a melting spoon, wax sticks, candles and a stamp but you can start with just the wax and stamp if you want to test it out.

If you have a tea-light at home, break a few pieces of the wax, place in an old teaspoon and heat the wax over the flame. The wax will melt then you can make your seal!

Here's a great video showing how to make a wax seal.

If you are making a lot of seals in one go, then you will find a hot glue gun handy. Glue gun wax seal sticks are circular tubes of wax that feed into a hot glue gun one after the other as you pull the trigger and make the seals.

The wide range of flexible sealing wax colours is amazing, as is the variety of stamps. You can make classic wedding wax seal stamps to tie in with the wedding colour theme or reflect the theme in the stamp design. You could choose a heart design stamp or have a custom wax seal stamp made with the couple's initials!

So many gorgeous wax colours to choose from

Gorgeous coloured wax and unique wax seal stamp designs at

Glue gun Wax sticks, convenient and quick

Use sticks of wax like these in hot glue guns if making lots of wax seals

Individuality and style in one contemporary embellishment

Such a stylish embellishment for contemporary wedding stationery

Have fun by adding dried flowers, sprigs of heather or glitter to your wax seals. A great idea if you are creating a seal directly onto your wedding stationery or invitations. For example, if you are tying a bundle of wedding information together, sealing the envelopes or embellishing a presentation box.

Most glue gun sealing wax sticks usually make at least 5 wax seals. If you want to make your seals separately, to use later, then make them onto greaseproof paper or baking parchment paper then they will lift off easily after they have cooled.

The wax sets and traps your dried flowers or foliage within the wax seal

There are lots of ways to use a wax seal; they're not just brilliant for wedding invitations! Wrap presents in recycled kraft paper, use some decorative string or bakers twine and seal with a red wax seal made with a botanical stamp. Decorate favour boxes or little bottles or jars filled with homemade liqueurs or chutneys with pretty seals. They will add an artisan, professional touch that elevates your gift into something really special.

Gold sealing wax seals or silver or champagne will look amazing at Christmas, maybe on homemade napkin rings or attached with strong glue dots to the base of wine glasses. Make up little wax seal kits as Christmas gifts, with wax sticks and a lovely new stamp, for a friend or relative who loves crafting.

Impress with your your gift giving and wedding favours

A gorgeous decorated favour box with an ivory wax seal

Gold wax seals, regal and luxurious

Wax seals in luxurious gold wax are perfect at Christmas

A heart themed stamp really makes an impression!

Quality wax seal stamps made in brass. This is our Botanical Heart

A wonderful fusion of a traditional processes and contemporary style

Traditionally wax seals were used to secure envelopes or to seal scrolls, folded letters and papers. A broken wax envelope seal made it obvious that someone had tampered with and read the documents! The wax traditionally usually used was red, snapped easily and the sticks would have wicks so the wax dripped as the wick burnt down. A traditional red wax letter seal is a lovely idea and would be perfect for hand-delivered invitations!

Wax seal wedding invitations are a popular theme. You can still purchase the traditional red wax but the wickless sticks for hot glue guns are made from a much more flexible wax so are perfect for posted invitations and are available in so many gorgeous colours! Use a quality envelope for your embellished invitation or a presentation box and pop in the post with confidence!

Despite being so much fun to make you can buy pre-made self adhesive wax seals which look amazing! Not everyone wants to make their own or has the time. These are good to use on nice, flat surfaces so ideal as an embellishment on wedding day stationery like menus, place cards etc.

Give yourself the gold wax seal of approval!